Setup & Break Down 

This is the part of djing that no one likes to talk about because it's the least fun. At least 30 minutes is required to set up and break down all of the equipment. My Fellow Dj typically charges 1 hour in addition to the  3-hour minimum for an event.

Emcee - Master of ceremonies 

Acting as emcee for an event, primarily the introductions and announcements. If you’d prefer to do it yourself or have someone make announcements on the mic, that’s totally fine too.

dj - mixing

As mentioned above, My Fellow Dj will actually be mixing songs seamlessly together to keep the party moving. If you have an idea for a special performance with multiple songs we can also help you record that as well. 

Special Song request

It’s really common for couples to request that certain songs be played at their wedding, especially for the father/daughter dance and other important parts of the event. It’s up to you as to just how involved you want to be. Most times, we’ll take your requests and plan the rest of the night ourselves based on your musical and genre-specific suggestions which we’ll discuss at an initial consultation. 


More people are asking for lighting for their weddings and events and My Fellow Dj has come to do that pretty well also. That being said, whether you’re looking for sound acitvated dance floor lighting to give you that club like feel or uplighting to add a spash of color to an elegant setting, My Fellow Dj can accommodate you.

personalized monogram

If you would like initials, logos, or any design you can think of to be a spotlight on a wall or  dance floor a personalized monogram can be added at an additional cost.



My Fellow Dj will be available for face-to-face meetings, phone calls, email and text correspondence throughout the entire process.



My Fellow Dj has a full liability policy that covers of course the DJ, equipment, the venue and everyone in the venue at the time.