Erick "Dj El Capone" Copon is a club-quality, professional DJ with thousands of hours of experience, performing at hundreds of weddings, clubs, bars, festivals, corporate events, concerts, parties and more. He is not the average wise guy dj, you see, he takes pride in being the opposite, actually mixing songs, not just fading in and out between them, staying cool, but energetic and down to earth. He is able to bring that packed club energy to whatever event he is performing at while remaining professional, well dressed and far from the typical wise guy dj. You’re gonna like this guy. He’s all right. He is My Fellow Dj. 

Equipment-wise, he's got all the bases covered, from mics, to speakers, to turntables, mixers, controllers, uplighting, sound activated dance floor party lights, personalized monogram and more including back-ups of everything he uses. My Fellow Dj has got a passion for people and it truly shows. Treating every event as if it were his own. Whether you’re getting married, throwing a sweet sixteen, or celebrating a birthday, anniversary or any other special event, My Fellow Dj has got you covered. If you’d like to know more or check our availability for your event or big day, simply fill out the contact form below.